30 May 2023

GP Explorer 2: an unique motorsport event



Following the successful first edition, Squeezie is inviting 60,000 fans to attend the crazy Formula 4 race on 9 September. Behind the wheel, 24 content creators will compete in teams of two drivers on the famous Le Mans Bugatti circuit. Among them, 12 will be participating for the first time. Since February, all the drivers have been coached by Pierre Sancinena, 2018 GT4 International Cup winner, commissioned by the FFSA for the occasion.



"Following an incredible first edition, we are delighted to contribute again in the GP Explorer. This unique race brings together young communities from different backgrounds to introduce them to motorsport, something Alpine has fully invested in since its creation. We look forward to following the progress of these three teams, from their preparation to the race," Laurent Rossi, Alpine CEO.



"Alpine is doing us the honour of following us in this GP season 2. They had supported us in the GP explorer season 1, which was an honour that they trusted us. They had decided to support us, us, big noobs of the automobile, whereas it is a historical brand, extraordinary, which moreover is a team of Formula 1. So thank you very much Alpine for being back on the GP Explorer 2", explains Squeezie during his live presentation.



Commenting on the livery, he said: "Both of their cars are among the most beautiful, don't we agree? The Alpine identity is superb, are we influenced because we see it in F1 every Sunday? Maybe... Even I'm jealous...".



Alpine to defend its colours at the GP Explorer 2



Youtubers Djilsi and Theodort will make up the Alpine team. BWT F1 Team driver Pierre Gasly will take on the "Team Principal" role to help them prepare. Djilsi has made a name for himself in the entertainment world with adventure videos while Theodort offers a variety of content, including parodies, shows and vlogs. They push their limits and stand out for their ambition and spirit, traits also found in motorsport.






The Racers by Alpine team of BWT F1 Team driver Esteban Ocon will be represented by Manon Lanza and Depielo: two "try harder" with a strong competitive spirit. Manon advocates surpassing oneself and promoting women in extreme sports: skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and racing. Depielo is an unconditional motorsport willing to make it accessible to everyone. As BWT Alpine F1 Team fans, they had the opportunity to test drive a Formula 1 car at Le Castellet in September 2022.






Alpine supports the team of its Ambassador AnaOnAir as constructor partner



The French make has also teamed up with AnaOnAir and Maxime Biaggi, who will represent Mouv Radio. AnaOnAir is Alpine Esports Ambassador. She offers specialised content on sim racing and will fulfill her dream of racing at the GP Explorer 2. Maxime Biaggi is mainly known for his show "Zen" and offbeat style.